Why Conduct Testing

Mold Remediation & Testing in Buffalo NY, Rochester NY & Batavia NY

The reasoning for inspection/testing/sampling is two-fold: Owner Liability and Health Risks. It helps determine types and concentrations of potentially toxic molds, which assists the assessor in determining whether or not an environment is habitable or needs to be vacated. This assessment in turn helps to avoid exposing inhabitants and workers to potential health effects that may be related to mold contamination. Because there are currently no permissible limits for mold exposure and because susceptibility varies from person to person, it is highly recommended that testing be conducted to determine if contamination is at potentially toxic levels. Performing the initial testing will provide the owner with the protection of due diligence in case of a formal complaint or lawsuit filed by the occupant.

Cost Savings

Testing assists the assessor in providing the most accurate mold abatement project estimate, thereby saving the customer money by avoiding the need to change orders if mold abatement becomes necessary. If an estimate is provided by visual inspection only, the size, price, and scope will be based on only what is seen, measured, and guesstimated. Because mold degrades building materials that it grows on, it should be removed as soon as possible so as not to cause further, more extensive damage that can result in added costs.

Mold and Mildew Removal

When a mold problem is suspected or water damage has occurred, it should be dealt with immediately or at least within 24-48 hours of its occurrence. If not, mold can begin to grow almost instantly if the conditions are right. We realize that immediate detection, however, is not always possible. Therefore, if a mold problem does develop, we can provide the quick response and removal services needed to help keep a small issue from becoming a larger problem. Fast response leads to preservation of property and greatly reduces the costs commonly associated with mold contamination removal.
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